Lions Board Meetings

The Lions board holds regular meetings on the second Tuesday of each month at 7:00 at the Clubhouse. During the winter months a more weather resistant location is used.  Active members in good standing of Lions are welcome to attend board meetings.  Please contact the board President to confirm the meeting time and location.

2019 Lions Board

President                Vern Sisson                  

Vice President      Janice Anderson

Past President    

Secretary              Christine Cyr  

Treasurer               Duane Johnstone   

Registrar                 Marie Hutchinson    

Canteen                   Allison Roberts          

Coaches                   Mike Sosiak              

Equipment               Jason McRae   

Field Manager          

Fundraising                 Jaime Webster


MMFA Rep             Derek Lloyd               

Recruitment             Derick Fury       

Volunteers             Lindsay Britton      

Website                   Jeff Kerr